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Jay Fund Establishes Partnerships to Fund Support for Cancer Patients

Joe Cosgrove

A healthcare industry executive with extensive experience, Joe Cosgrove has led Pentec Health as its CEO, president, and chairman since 2008. He has presided over considerable expansion of Pentec Health’s therapeutic product lines; this growth has offered new treatments for kidney disease and other conditions, benefiting hundreds of thousands of patients. Joe Cosgrove’s charitable interests include the Pleasant Valley Hawks and the Jay Fund.

The Jay Fund came about through the efforts of Tom Coughlin, a football coach at Boston College who became determined to help people battling cancer after losing Jay McGillis, a player on his team, to one form of the disease. The initiative raises funds for cancer treatments and therapies and has partnered with a variety of organizations, including hospitals and support groups.

Partners of the Jay Fund include Wolfson Children’s Hospital, where the group provided for Evan’s Room, a facility that helps families of patients’ families connect with support systems. The fund also works with Friends of Karen, a pediatric oncology support group that offers grants to families who need funds to pay for emergency household expenses during their child’s illness.

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